About Us

CEnITOur Vision:

New creative ideas are adopted by society and cause significant economic development through entrepreneurial effort. Funds from investors, product sales, taxes or donations flow to support deployment of inventions of new technologies and applications that are recognized by society as innovations. Thus, in our philosophy, the terms “innovation” and “entrepreneurship” are almost inseparable. CEnIT will be a catalyst enabling a community of faculty, students, and external partners to perceive and pursue opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship that enhance the regional and global economy.

Our Mission:

For ideas to be truly “new”, they must be deemed to be new by all relevant disciplines. Thus, most innovation occurs at the interface of a variety of disciplines. Leveraging the entrepreneurship expertise of the College of Business and the innovation talents of the College of Engineering and Science and integrating the ideas of other disciplines, the mission of CEnIT is to facilitate activities which foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship at Louisiana Tech and in the surrounding region.



In 2001, with prompting from Governor Foster, The Louisiana legislature approved $22 million in new, recurring funding for an Information Technology (IT) Initiative aimed at driving economic development throughout the state.  Louisiana Tech University proposed that the College of Engineering and Science (COES)and the College of Business (CoB) establish CEnIT (Center for Entrepreneurship and Information Technology), an interdisciplinary center focusing the talents and resources of the two colleges and their related centers in advancing entrepreneurial research, education and technology transfer.  The majority of the funds from the state's IT Initiative have been split among the state's five designated research universities with Louisiana Tech receiving just over $2 million.  CEnIT was approved by the University Of Louisiana Board Of Supervisors and the Board of Regents in the Fall of 2002.

Louisiana Tech University is putting the State's IT Initiative to work to create a more productive relationship between the university, its technologically gifted students, and the Louisiana business community.  Tech’s original library and second oldest building on campus is being renovated and in Fall 2010, CEnIT will relocate to this facility where faculty and students will work together daily in a rich entrepreneurship and innovation-focused learning environment, thereby increasing the marketability of Louisiana Tech graduates and enhancing the opportunities for economic growth in Louisiana.